Several PvP details for TERA have come to light, thanks to a recent interview with the game’s producer Brian Knox. Knox revealed that TERA’s PvP will cater to those who like to play solo, in a small group or in a crowd. Duelling is available as part of the basic game, anyone on any server can challenge another player to a duel, but skirmishes between groups are also prone to breaking out. “Groups will inevitably come into conflict with one another both on large battlegrounds and in smaller-scale skirmishes. At higher levels, players will come into contact with other player groups more and more often, so at that point you’ll see a natural move toward group or mass PvP.” We also discovered that players will be able to wager gold against one another over the outcome of a fight, and rewards for battleground PvP will “play a role in the Federation’s political system”. Interesting. Knox went on to deny that TERA is an equipment-based game: “Equipment will play a big role in the game, but it’s a bit of a stretch to say that the game will be “equipment-based.” The single most important element of combat will be skill: if you’re not adept at using your character’s abilities–moving around, dodging, and attacking at the right moment–then all the legendary gear in the world won’t be worth much.” See the original interview translation at

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