En Masse Entertainment has spoken about the feedback it received from gamers after its latest Focus Group Test on the MMORPG, TERA. The topic discussed is the game’s westernisation, and how players felt it was being implemented. Apparently, despite the fact that the westernisation process is far from over, the overall impression is positive in terms of storyline, dialogue, naming, game flow and quests. However, En Masse agrees with testers that more storyline quests are needed, so more will be added in future builds of the game. The names of items, monsters, the areas and NPCs will also be tweaked to more suit western players. Testers also reported that the game was a “finely crafted experience”, but beyond level 11 and the first major city players had to go in search of things to do rather than be guided onto the next hub. Quests after level 11 also require a better flow and more reward in return for the greater challenge. The developers stated that they want questing to be the main method of levelling a character, so more than 1,000 quests and four times as many quest archetypes will be added to TERA in coming builds. The location and placement of quests is also being revised. Read more at the official site.

Paul Younger
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