The Antonov An 225 Rises Again In Microsoft Flight Simulator Featured

Released exactly a year after its real life counterpart was destroyed, the super-heavy Antonov AN-225 “Mriya” cargo jet now flies once more thanks to iniBuilds and Asobo recreating it for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The payware add-on is available now in the in-game marketplace.

A lifter that’s larger than life

The Antonov AN-225 held the record for being the largest aircraft in all of aviation history. It was the widest, longest, and had the largest cargo capacity, among other records. Now, it also has the record for being the largest aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The “Mriya,” as it was named, was used in a variety of cargo and humanitarian missions across the globe, carrying loads that no other aircraft in its class could handle.

Only one model of the AN-225 was ever completed. Antonov never finished building another twin airframe, leaving only the Mriya’s smaller predecessor, the AN-124, to handle missions in its absence.

The sole Mriya was destroyed in Ukraine back in February 2022, just days after Russia invaded the country. It was parked up in a hangar for maintenance prior to the attack. With it being unsalvageable, Antonov vowed that it would be rebuilt within the coming years. The proceeds made by those who purchase the virtual version of the famous cargo jet will be forwarded to the restoration efforts of the real-life Mriya.

Antonov An-225 takes off in Microsoft Flight Simulator

With an MSRP of $19.99 USD, it’s still being offered for a lot cheaper than other high-quality add-ons. Of course, this is thanks to the fact that it was designed in partnership between Asobo and renowned add-on studio, iniBuilds.

With the AN-225 boasting six turbofan engines, a dizzying array of 32 wheels, and an astounding maximum take-off weight of 1,410,958 pounds, flying this truly feels different than just about any other aircraft in the sim. It differs from other heavies like the Boeing 747-8.

If you’d like to learn more about the real-life heavy lifter, the team of Simple Flying produced a 10-minute video back in 2022 that tells the story of how the AN-225 came to be.

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