The best Medic build in Remnant 2

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Remnant 2 lets you play your own way. The various Archetypes, relics, rings, and amulets provide such a broad plethora of boosts you can really create some wild designs. With some clever planning and sneaky exploits, certain builds become god-tier in Remnant 2. I think, at this point, as long as it doesn’t get nerfed, this Medic build is by far the best in Remnant 2.

Best Medic build for Remnant 2

This Remnant 2 medic build almost feels broken. Not only does it give you almost infinite health, but it also keeps your Remnant 2 teammates at a ridiculously high level too. That’s the whole point of a Medic, though; keep everyone alive. However, it is worth noting that due to the healing focus of this build, your damage output is going to be rather low. This medic build works by providing so much overheal that you pretty much become immune to damage. Take a look at the requirements, and then read on to see how this Medic build works in Remnant 2.

Medic Build Relic and Fragments

Best Medic build for Remnant 2

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  • Resonating Heart Relic – This generates 90% of Max Health over 5s. On top of this, it also doubles any overheal when healing ends and applies it over the next 20s.
  • Mythic Damage Reduction – -5% damage reduction.
  • Mythic Heal – +15% health.
  • Mythic Healing Effectiveness – +20% healing effectiveness.

Medic Build Rings and Amulets

Best Medic build for Remnant 2

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  • Nimues Ribbon – This ribbon will boost the healing effectiveness of a relic by a further 50% while activating 25s of haste on use.
  • Ring of the Forest Spirit – For even more healing effectiveness in this medic build, This ring adds 15%.
  • Dead Kings Memento – Increased Medic health by 15.
  • Seal of Empress – Although this will reduce stamina by 10 in this Medic build, it will further boost our Remnant 2 max health by 20.
  • Burden of the Divine – This applies 50% of all healing to your allies in Remnant 2, basically making them into the bullet sponge your Medic already is.

Medic Skill

For the skill for this Medic build in Remnant 2, I opted for the shield. This is great for being able to use the relic without harm. It is important to be able to use your relic a lot, as this is the real key to why this is one of the best Medic builds in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Traits

Focus on Vigour for this build. You will find Fortify and Barkskin also help to keep you almost immortal.


As I mentioned, this build is much more focused on healing forever. The weapons are secondary, but for me, I am a huge fan of a Bonesaw paired with the Cube gun in Remnant 2. However, you may find you enjoy something else a little more. I won’t tell you what the best weapons to use are in this build, as they’re not the core of the design.

How to use the best immortality Medic build in Remnant 2

Best Medic build for Remnant 2

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The focus of this Remnant 2 Medic build is on having a huge amount of health and also being able to pop your Relic Heart all the time. The key to being successful with this build is always using your Relic heart when you have full health. This will mean that all the healing you receive is added as overhealing, ensuring you never really touch your core life. This is due to the Resonating heart trait.

Keep an eye on your Resonating Heart timer underneath your life bar. Try to use another Resonating Heart before it hits about 7 seconds. Otherwise, you will find that your Medic Build has some time when it is vulnerable. You needn’t worry about running out of hearts because of the Medics’ main class ability. Regenerator means that every time you gain 250 health, you also get another heart. This will be basically constant in Remnant 2.

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