Endless Mission

The Endless Mission sandbox game enters Steam Early Access next week

Create to your heart's content!

Those of you looking for a sandbox style of gaming experience may want to check out what Endless Studios and E-Line Media have on deck. The team announced that its latest effort, The Endless Mission, will arrive on Steam Early Access on November 14.

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The Endless Mission is about endless opportunity

The trailer below provides a better idea of what players can expect, but their world is, well, endless. Driven by community, the game lets players create worlds with a little bit of hacking and ingenuity. But it’s not all business, as they can play around in each one as well, with a near-new experience each time.

What’s more, it’s not stuck on any particular genre. As the trailer demonstrates, there is a number of them to play around with. These include real-time strategy and platformers, with other genres, like racing and multiplayer, to come shortly after launch. There’s even a Minecraft-style experience, complete with voxel characters that are… somewhat odd, to say the least.

The community will consistently see appreciation for the best stuff put together in The Endless Mission. This includes a Hall of Celebration, where users can check out curated user-generated content highlighted by the developer. It may just inspire you to create your next masterpiece. There’s also a Content Portal that makes it a snap to see what new assets are in store, or what new games are on hand. Players can tweak and remix however they see fit, at any time, in case they have any better ideas. Last but not least, there’s a stellar voice cast here, including veteran actors like Laura Bailey, Jennifer Hale, Sara Amini, and several more.

Check out the trailer and get ready for, ahem, endless possibilities when The Endless Mission becomes available next week. Learn more about it on its Steam page and wishlist it if you’re interested.

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