Minecraft 1.19 Pre-Release

The first pre-release for the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update has arrived. Fans have already been given a taste of the update through snapshots. So far, we have learnt that the Wild Update will make some spooky additions and take us to new environments. By releasing snapshots, players have been able to try out parts of the update and report any bugs. The Minecraft pre-release moves away from showing off new content in favor of fixing some of the bugs found. Mojang has released the pre-release patch notes for the Minecraft Wild Update, so we can see what changes have been made. Apart from the long list of general bug fixes, there are some technical and game event adjustments as well.

To install the pre-release, make sure you enable snapshots in the Installations tab of the Minecraft launcher. It is important to note that pre-releases can corrupt your world. Backing your worlds up and running the pre-release in a separate folder can prevent this from happening.


The main changes that have been made include a small reduction to the amount of Mangrove trees in Mangrove Swamps. Also, Endermen, Skeletons, Wither Skeletons, and Piglins will spawn in a greater range of light levels in the Nether. Also, vibrations are emitted when you start and finish using an item with a start and finish state. However, item interaction vibrations are ignored while sneaking. If you’re playing in a custom server, chat previews for certain clients can be enabled or disabled by sending a new network packet.

Squashing the type of bugs you don’t want in your server

The Minecraft 1.19 pre-release has eliminated numerous bugs across the Wild Update. These involve rolling out fixes for server crashes, specific items, and even repairing problems with frogs. You can find the full list of fixes by visiting the Minecraft pre-release blog.

Minecraft 1.19 update pre-release

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