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It’s no longer Halloween season, but that clearly hasn’t stopped Mojang. Just yesterday, the company delivered the 1.19 version snapshot for Minecraft, which unleashes the warden mob and other creepy creatures. These beasts can be found in the new Deep Dark biome in the Overworld. Said biome will also welcome curious spelunkers to the Ancient City.

Mojang calls it the most “terrifying experimental Java snapshot to date.” Blind, the warden mob lurks down below in the Deep Dark, smelling out its prey. Stealthing around is suggested, as any sound might introduce you to a new block: the Sculk Shrieker. For the most part, I’m thinking that anything called a “shrieker” is likely to do a bit of shrieking. It might be the new most terrifying noise next to the creeper’s trademark hiss. But I hope I don’t need to find out anytime soon.


“The only way to avoid the warden is to stay stealthy, or you might set off a [Sculk Shrieker]. These blocks are also arriving in the snapshot, and if you make any noise near them they will write a very stern letter that you can expect in five business days,” writes Sofia Dankis in the snapshot blog post. “I’m lying – if you so much as cause a vibration near them they will shriek really loudly and, obviously, terrifyingly which in turn summons the warden.”

Warden Minecraft Snapshot 119 Deep Dark

You’re probably not welcome

If you’re nervous about sneaking around Sculk Blocks, the new Ancient City may hold what you need. These structures are found in the Deep Dark, but mobs can’t spawn there. You should be able to take your time and hunt down a precious treasure to help against Sculks and wardens. The city hides a new enchantment: Swift Sneaking. And it does pretty much what you expect. Using it on your boots will allow you to “move as fast while crouching as you would normally walk.” In other words, it let’s you sneak — but faster.

There’s plenty more to discover in the 1.19 Minecraft snapshot, and not just more warden facts. Check it out, and be careful scrounging in the dark.

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