The Last Of Us Pc Part 1 Remake

It’s that time of the year when big leaks start popping up all over the internet. The first of many is an exciting one for PC gamers. On the official PlayStation website, a trailer was released early announcing The Last of Us Part 1, an upcoming remake. Even better is that this The Last of Us remake is coming to PC.

The trailer mostly just shows off some iconic parts of the original game released back in 2013. Although this time around, Joel and Ellie look better than ever thanks to the remake’s massively revamped visuals. As expected, this remake is coming to PlayStation 5, but the confirmation of an additional PC release is exciting. And this isn’t speculation either. At the end of the trailer, it says “Also in development for PC.” Announcements don’t get more clear than that.


We also have a possible release date. The trailer states that The Last of Us Part 1 is coming out on September 2 of this year. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that applies to the PC version. It’s possible that The Last of Us remake will release simultaneously on PC and PlayStation 5, but it’s by no means guaranteed. Sony has a history of releasing its exclusives on PlayStation, and then later bringing them across to PC. It’s an effective method of pushing consumers to buy into its ecosystem if they aren’t willing to wait.

Either way, sooner or later we are going to get our hands on one of the best story-driven PlayStation games ever made. That’s exciting enough, and the prospect of playing through that incredible story with revamped visuals is even better.

Sony is opening-up

Although a The Last of Us remake coming to PC wasn’t expected, it isn’t a huge surprise either. Sony has been opening up to the PC platform, bringing several of its biggest franchises across in recent years. We got Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, and even God of War. If we’re lucky, other key Sony franchises like Gran Turismo and Ratchet & Clank may soon make their way across too.

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