The Lost Vikings found in Heroes of the Storm

The Lost Vikings aren’t lost anymore: they’re the newest heroes in Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes of the Storm‘s closed beta has received another major patch, adding in The Lost Vikings and revamping all sorts of mechanics. The Lost Vikings appear to be a sort of Heroes of the Storm version of Meepo in that they’re three (individually controllable) heroes in one. Olaf has lots of health and can charge to slow enemies, Baelog deals splash damage, and Erik moves fast and has a longer attack range. If I understand correctly, though, they don’t start with their basic abilities, instead unlocking them at levels 4, 7, and 16, through talent selection.

While they’re the big addition, there are lots of other tweaks and changes. Lots of talents and abilities have been rebalanced, with Swift Storm being removed and Rewind being changed from level 13 to level 20. Raynor has been heavily reworked, and plenty of other heroes have had adjustments – some minor, some major.

Go read the patch notes for the latest Heroes of the Storm closed beta patch over here.

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