The Outlast Trials Co Op Horror Steam Early Access May
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The indie developer that brought you the terrifying Outlast games is now releasing another hit for the series. Red Barrels announced that it will bring its co-op horror game The Outlast Trials on the Epic Games Store and Steam in Early Access in May. The Montréal-based development team initially held a Closed Beta experience last Halloween, where nearly 1 million players signed up.

The Outlast Trials receives Early Access release date

The single-player survival horror title Outlast first scared people in 2013. It immediately became a huge hit, earning itself a sequel. Now in 2023, we’ll see a comeback to the series that popularized night-vision cameras in dark locations with horrifying enemies. Red Barrels is introducing co-op to the mix, so at least you won’t be terrified alone. When speaking on its new game, Philippe Morin, co-founder of Red Barrels, had this to say.

“The Closed Beta was just a taste of what’s to come in The Outlast Trials. Our first round of willing participants to take part in the trials provided us with some insightful feedback and very interesting data, which we have used to improve the experience.”

The Outlast Trials Co Op Horror Steam Early Access May Gameplay

Image via Red Barrels

While you can go at this alone, you and up to four of your friends may team up. Set in the Cold War era, The Outlast Trials has you play as test subjects abducted by the Murkoff Corporation. Stuck in their facility, the game will thrust horrid situations at players in attempt to put the scare in you. Iconic characters are also returning, while the location of this facility hearkens back to the asylum in the first Outlast.

Instead of playing pre-made characters, you can choose who you’d like to be in a new character creation. You will also have a cell to decorate as you wish, which will probably be the only relaxing part of this game. To win, either hide or fight enemies, while collecting documents to prove the wrongdoings of the Murkoff Corporation. Ready yourself for The Outlast Trials and its co-op horror when it brings itself to Steam and Epic Games Store in Early Access on May 18.

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