The Secret World’s first season comes to a close

The Secret World’s first season comes to a close

It’s been nearly three years, but the final issue of The Secret World‘s first season has just launched.

Issue 11 – titled Reaping the Whirlwind – sees players scaling 21 floors of the Orochi Tower in Japan and confronting its CEO. This update promises answers to the questions that’ve been asked all season, an Ultimate Ability based on the choices made in the main story, and a taste of what’s yet to come. You’ll find out some details on the power struggle going on in the background, and learn that crossing eternal beings is probably not a good idea.

This is quite fortuitous timing considering I spent awhile last night talking to someone about The Secret World, reminiscing about the fun I had with it, and idly contemplating going back to it. Apparently, I now have a pretty good reason to do so.

You can see a trailer, some artwork, and some screenshots for this update below.

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