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To be honest, The Sinking City’s conclusion left a sour taste in my mouth. On second thought, make that salty — saltier than the seawater that flooded Oakmont. As mentioned in our official review, The Sinking City does offer you loads of choices while investigating various cases as Charles Reed. Unfortunately, these hardly mattered in the end. You can easily obtain the game’s three endings from the final area — Cthygonnaar. Think of it as something akin to Mass Effect 3’s mishaps where its three endings made players feel that the payoff wasn’t worth the journey.

To get to Cthygonnaar, well, naturally, you’d have to complete the main story. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered in our full walkthrough of the game. Yes, since we’re talking about The Sinking City’s endings, there will be spoilers, ahoy! You’ve been warned…

Mass Effect 3 Shepard

Ain’t that right, Commander Shepard?

Into The Depths Of The Sinking City – Cthygonnaar

Once you’ve reached the final chamber in The Sinking City’s last case — “Into the Depths” — you’ll see a gargantuan carving of an Old One right in front of you. You’re at the entrance to Cthygonnaar. You can watch all three endings if you manually save here.

The central area will have a Retrocognition portal which leads to one of the endings. The left and right sides of the chamber will also have their own respective outcomes. To access the endings, enter the portal to see two Retrocognition events. Order them as such: (1) The scene near the altar, (2) the scene further away from the altar.

Center: Break The Cycle

If you chose the Retrocognition at the central area of the chamber, then just examine the altar. Reed will give himself up to the Old One, dooming Oakmont to a watery grave.

The Sinking City Endings Break The Cycle

Left: Restart The Cycle

If you go to the left-hand side of the chamber, you’ll spot a Retrocognition portal. As Reed, go over the edge and watch what happens next.

The Sinking City Endings Restart The Cycle

Right: Leave The City

Reed’s pissed off about everything, so you might as well leave Oakmont to its fate. Use the Retrocognition portal on the right-hand side of the chamber and order the scenes accordingly. Reed makes it back to Boston and, well, looks like he’ll be busy once more. The Sinking City 2, perhaps?

The Sinking City Endings Leave The City

There you have it, all three endings which you can watch in a span of a few minutes. This system might give Mass Effect 3 fans a nightmare more than what Cthulhu could cook up. Were these worth the journey? Let us know.

If you’re looking for more guides and features about The Sinking City, be sure to check out our nifty hub right over here. The Sinking City officially releases on June 27.

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