The Sinking City is Frogwares’ newest game combining detective work, city exploration, and the nightmares from H. P. Lovecraft’s macabre Cthulhu Mythos. This will be our features and guides hub for everything related to the game. Be sure to check our hub for The Sinking City from time to time to get new updates.

    You can check out the game via the Epic Games Store. Oh, and here’s its cinematic trailer:

    The Sinking City Guides And Features Hub

    Official review – Our official review talks about The Sinking City’s narrative, mechanics, gameplay loop, and more. It nails the atmosphere and design that’s a treat for fans of Lovecraftian horror, but it does have myriad issues preventing it from being a great survival horror game.

    Technical review – Our technical review focuses on The Sinking City’s graphics, performance, and various settings. Although quality and performance can be decent, there are a number of bugs and technical issues that signify a lack of polish.

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