The Surge 2

Focus Home Interactive just released the latest trailer for The Surge 2. This upcoming sci-fi RPG/shooter is a sequel to 2017’s The Surge, which saw players battling enemies using exoskeleton suits. Reviews described the game as a sci-fi Souls-like, which accounts for the difficult combat. From what we’ve seen, players can expect much of the same in The Surge 2.

The latest trailer introduces us to the main character. We receive a small bit of narration, and we get a glimpse of the young girl, Athena, who leads the player to unknown places. As if to further cement the story’s mystery, the trailer touches on the themes of immortality versus total annihilation. How these polarizing concepts will play out is unknown.

The Surge 2’s Jericho City is no place for kids

The trailer shifts, and we receive a quick glimpse of some of the game’s enormous enemies. As it turns out, Jericho City’s foes look like nothing to be reckoned with. The combat in the trailer shows several robotic creatures. One in particular appears to be a large, serpentine beast with bluish lights running up and down its face. The other is a four-legged mech that launches itself from the sky. The game features the same mech in its cover art.

We previously covered another trailer from The Surge 2, which shows off some of the iconic limb-severing combat that players came to expect from the first game. Just like the original, The Surge 2 will allow players to loot and customize their suits depending on what they can retrieve from fallen enemies. For a series that is known for its difficulty, it’s good to see combat that promises punishment. While the story in the first game wasn’t necessarily its strong suit, it appears that the studio is playing to its strengths.

The Surge 2’s official release date is Sept. 24. Through Sept. 16, Focus Home Interactive is running a publisher sale on Steam, which includes some deals up to 85 percent off.

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