The Survivalists: Campfire cooking guide — Food, recipes, and ingredients

The Survivalists Cooking Guide Campfire Recipes Ingredients Food

You can’t continue working on an empty stomach in The Survivalists. That’s why you’ll need to cook food from all the scraps you’ve found on the island. Here’s our cooking mini-guide to help you out.

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The Survivalists: Campfire cooking guide

To start cooking in The Survivalists, you’ll first need to construct a Campfire via Blueprint Mode. This only requires 6x pebbles, but you do need 1x timber to stoke the fires.

Note: Once the fire has gone out, you get 1x charcoal that can be used to activate the Forge.

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You can refer to the table below for the cooking recipes/ingredients:

Item Required Materials
Monkey Meal (main; used to befriend monkey companions) 1x petals; 1x berries; 1x makeshift bowl
Fruit Smoothie 2x berries; 2x coconuts; 1x palm leaf
Stewed Berries 2x petals; 2x berries; 1x makeshift bowl
Charred Fish 1x fillet; 1x palm leaf
Sweet Fish 2x fillet; 2x fruit; 1x palm leaf
Crispy Wings 3x bat wing; 1x palm leaf
Meat Kebab 2x meat scrap or 1x meat chunk
Fruity Kebab 1x meat chunk; 1x timber; 2x fruit
Mango Curry 1x makeshift bowl; 2x coconut; 3x fruit
Sweetened Meat 2x meat chunk; 3x berries; 1x palm leaf
Sizzling Steak 2x steak; 2x berries; 1x palm leaf

It bears mentioning that the food you cook will have varying degrees of effectiveness. Some, such as the Fruit Smoothie and Crispy Wings, net you a lot of health. Others, such as Meat Kebabs, ever so slightly satiate your hunger.

All in all, the Campfire has decent options, but you might want to create a Cooking Pot later to have more stuff you can cook. The Cooking Pot is also used to create steaks and clean water (for Elixirs that protect you from harmful terrain).

That does it for our cooking mini-guide for The Survivalists. You can return to our main guide for the game’s crafting mechanics.

The Survivalists campfire cooking guide food ingredients recipes

The Survivalists is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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