The Survivalists: Crafting guide — Blueprints and recipes

The Survivalists Crafting Guide Recipes Ingredients

In Team 17’s The Survivalists, you’ll need to live off the land, pick up whatever scraps you can find, and then create new items and weapons. Here’s our crafting guide to help you out with the mechanics and recipes.

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The Survivalists: Crafting guide – Basic mechanics and recipes

While your character in The Survivalists does have their own crafting menu (default “C”) and a blueprint menu (default “R”), the remaining items can only be crafted if you’ve built a campfire (cooking), crafting bench (basic items), and forge (advanced items). In any case, after creating a hand axe (likely the first item you craft in The Survivalists), you’ll be able to make a flimsy multitool. This is the main item used for crafting, building, and cooking, so you should always have one handy.

Similarly, your monkey friends can help you out. Once you have one following you around, open “Monkey Mimic Mode” (hold the “Q” key) and select “Teach.” The monkey will watch what you do next. If you attempt to craft, build, or cook, they’ll keep that in mind. Then, give them a multitool so they could start working on your own projects.

Next, let’s take a look at the various crafting menus you’ll want to be familiar with early on in The Survivalists. Just click on a page below for the mechanic that you need help with:

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