The Wizards Dark Times

Developer and publisher Carbon Studio has just announced their plans and revealed a brand new trailer for the latest addition to The Wizards series of VR games. The next expansion is titled The Wizards – Dark Times and is scheduled for release in 2020 on Steam.

As of now, Carbon has provided no further information on the release date. We also have yet to confirm a price for the game. We do, however, know that The Wizards – Dark Times will act as a standalone expansion.

The Wizards – Dark Times will take players to the same fantasy realm as previous editions, a world known as Meliora. However, it will bring with it a whole new story. As the name of this expansion suggests, darkness has fallen in Meliora. Players will face an ever more threatening force as they time travel through the world.

The trailer released by Carbon Studio depicts a baren and distraught world with ominous music, suggesting the world has met with a terrible fate.

New tricks up The Wizards’ sleeves

In addition to the story, brand new enemies and allies will appear, along with a fresh arsenal of reworked element-based spells. The Wizards – Dark Times will retain spellcasting mechanics similar to the original, but Carbon Studio will refine them for more dynamic and varied gameplay. Changes to game mechanics should also allow for a wider variety of interaction and an intuitive learning curve.

When the first installment, The Wizards, released in 2018, it received praise for its unique use of VR motion mechanics. These allowed players to cast spells with specific hand actions. The mechanic brought a true sense of magic to VR and made players feel like an actual wizard. Intrigue over the game brought a mobile version to Oculus Go and Gear VR known as The Wizards – Trials of Meliora later that year. Players can expect the same hand waving adventure in The Wizards – Dark Times when it releases next year.

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