The9 recently lost the rights to operate World of Warcraft in China to rival company NetEase and it appears they don’t want to lose the MMO battle in China. Get ready for WoF.
    Over the years we’ve seen many game styles copied, or shall we say ripped off, and there could be another about to appear in the shape of World of Fight, or WOF. A website for the new MMO by The9 has arrived on the Intertubes on the domain wofchina.com, not disimilar to wowchina.com.A quick glance at the new site reveals that there appears to be little imgination at The9, they have used the same font and colour scheme as World of Warcraft which suggests a WoW knock-off is in the works.In a quote from the Wall Street Journal, analyst Zhao Xufeng from Shanghai-based research firm iResearch added: “With the topic staying in the center of attention, The9 can easily attract attention by doing this,” he said.

    “Chinese players have high loyalty for the game, and technically, The9 does not have the technical ability to copy WoW.”.No release date has yet been announced for WoF.

    Paul Younger
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