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After a very successful year in 2013, and the release of two brand new home consoles, many would expect 2014 to kick off with a bang, and showcase those beautiful new machines that fans may have gotten on launch day or Christmas.

Swinging in to kick off the new year are two franchises that have a substantial amount of success behind them. Today, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, and the reboot of Thief were released and unfortunately the reviews for both have been less than stellar. With Thief averaging about a 69 on Metacritic, and Castlevania not doing much better and averaging about a 71 Metacritic score, it beacons us to wonder if these two franchises were rushed to the market. Keep in mind that Thief was the only one of the two games that was released to a next gen console, where Castlevania stuck to the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3.

It’s sad to see two beloved franchises feature so many flaws. Even though we do not have official review scores up for either game, we have played them and as a fan of both franchises, I was left shaking my head. I’m not here to review either game, but I do find it rather interesting that two of this years highly anticipated games lead us to disappointment. With some big titles on the horizon I can only see this getting better from here, but for what was to be a big day in the gaming world, I was left wondering what happened.All I can think now is . . . “BRING ON TITANFALL”!!

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