June 22nd, 2017

Thief launch trailer is strangely conspicuous

Thief launch trailer is strangely conspicuous
Thief 4 - 4
Before long, you too will be able to pose menacingly in the streets of The City.

You’d think that for a game called Thief, which is ostensibly about hiding in the shadows and going around undetected, you’d have to do some pretty good detective work to find trailers and the like. I mean, that’d just be fitting, right? But no. It’s out next week, and Square Enix have issued out a launch trailer. We have it here, and we didn’t have to break into any mansions to get it.

I’m happy to announce that this launch trailer doesn’t look awful. I mean, sure, it’s got some clunky dialogue (“Be careful. Don’t become a ghost yourself.” “I’ve been a ghost all my life.”) and a number of plaudits from a number of publications despite there being no reviews yet, but it’s not as offensively horrible as some of the previous trailers. Alas, it doesn’t have any quotes from IncGamers. I’m amazed they didn’t go for “Truly ridiculous voice acting – IncGamers”, or possibly “Sounding like an unmitigated disaster – IncGamers”, or even – if they wanted something positive, but missing context – “Actually looks pretty good – IncGamers”. Oh well.

Thief is out on 25 February. We’re hoping it will be good, while fearing that it won’t be. We’re currently trying to secure review code, but I strongly suspect we’ll bring you a review sometime around launch no matter what.

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    • MorningLM

      Don’t those of us in Europe have to wait until the 28th for it to unlock? Ah well, at least I got my Steam code for it from AMD the other day.

      Also: Do the site and the forum now have different logins? The forum still recognises me, but articles just display a “login” button. Attempting to use it results in a redirection error. I use Opera as my main browser and have content blocking turned off for this site.

      • DavidTheSlayer

        Have you tried clearing your cookies, recently logins have been changed due to a new comment system. I’ll ask the admins to check your account details.

        • MorningLM

          I happen to be listening to the end of this week’s podcast as I try to log in again and Paul is saying that people need to make new accounts for the upgraded site.

          In Thief related news: Steam is allowing me to preload 19.6GB of the game now.

          • DavidTheSlayer

            It should be resolved now, can you try again and let us know? Thanks.

            Yeah Thief 4, I’m not quite sold yet, so I’m waiting for reviews first. With so many new games coming out over the next two months, I need a new HD!