The Indie Games section on Xbox Live has been getting slightly more attention of late, but it’s still hidden away in a dark corner of the console’s dashboard in need of more attention. Getting people to notice some of the better titles in the section is certainly the intent behind the community-organised ‘Indie Games Uprising’ event, which is now on its third year.

On every weekday from today until 20 September a new Xbox Indie Game will be released with the backing of Indie Uprising III. The games include Gateways (from the creator of Adventures of Shuggy), first person platform-puzzler Entropy and a curious time-loop title named City Tuesday.

Clips from all of the games can be found in the video below, and more details are available on the Indie Uprising site. Best of all, most of the these titles sell for around $1 USD apiece. So, really, what do you have to lose?

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