Three New Overlord Titles Next Year


The fantasy action adventure Overlord is set to return next year with the announcement of three new titles on multiple platforms.Overlord II is now in development for the PC, 360 and PS2 inspired by the rise of the Roman Empire. The new minions are said to be smarter and deadlier than the previous game under the control of a new Overlord. The game will ship some time next year.

Wii gamers can look forward to Overlord Dark Legend which is set in a time before the original game and p[layers take control of a new younger Overlord who will take out his frustrations on local fairy tale inhabitants.

The game will utlisie the Wii remote to give what Codemasters say is “unprecedented control over the minions”. Minions can be grabbed, held then throttled to give Overlordly power and be used as a missile, all with the ste.

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