Thymesia: Odur boss guide (Sea of Trees zone)

Thymesia Odur Boss Guide Sea Of Trees

Many dangers await you in the world of Thymesia, such as a magician named Odur. He’s going to be a tough one if you’re not prepared given his fast and unpredictable attacks. Here’s our Thymesia Odur boss guide to help you defeat this foe in the Sea of Trees zone.

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Thymesia Odur boss guide – Sea of Trees zone

The Odur boss fight in Thymesia has a couple of phases. Here are the boss’ abilities during the first phase:

  • Teleport Kicks – Your opponent loves to teleport, reappearing a split second later to do a series of kicks.
  • Gas Bombs – If Odur is further away, he’ll toss a couple of projectiles in your direction.
  • Cane Pull – When Odur glows green, he’ll whip out his cane and pull Corvus for a knee strike.
  • Bait and Counter – Odur’s super armor tends to break after repeated hits. This will allow you to do a lot of damage. However, he’s merely baiting you. Once he recovers, he’ll follow it up with some brutal counters of his own.

Thymesia Odur Boss Guide Sea Of Trees 1

After whittling down his HP bar, the screen fades to black for the second phase. Odur still retains most of his abilities, but he’s also got a new trick up his sleeve.

Ultimate: Final Flourish – Odur will switch to a crouching stance and glow red. Immediately after this, he’ll grab and toss you around. This is followed by a devastating downward stab. If your remaining health isn’t above 190 or so, Corvus will likely end up dead. As you can see in the screenshot below, this was an “oops” moment for me. (Don’t bother taking screenshots during bouts or the freezes could lead to your doom.)

Recommended Plague Weapon: Halberd – The weapon is decent since it can do multiple thrusts. Use it when Corvus is kneeling and vulnerable since the thrust sequence will leave you open.

After beating Odur in Thymesia, you’ll clear the Sea of Trees zone and unlock a couple of sidequests. The next zone, the Royal Garden, is where you’ll battle The Hanged Queen.

Thymesia Odur Boss Guide Sea Of Trees 2

Thymesia is available via Steam.

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