Space Hulk (2)

Everybody in this picture is screwed.

What’s that, there in the dark? Arrrrghhh, too late, it ate my face and laid its foul eggs in my mouth. I think it was Full Control’s version of Space Hulk.

The latest PC-ified release of Games Workshop’s well-loved board game will be available on 15 August and, if you feel so inclined, you can pre-order it on Steam for $30.00 USD. If you do that, then you’ll get a “personal banner pole for multiplayer action” (oo-er) and “a Genestealer skin for single player combat” (oo-e … no, actually, that one just sounds a bit gross.)

For those who never played the board game, it’s a bit of a death-scuffle involving Warhammer 40,000’s finest Space Marines and Warhammer 40,000’s finest we’re-not-like-the-aliens-from-Aliens-honest, the Genestealers. The Marines are fewer in number, but have large guns and flamethrowers, and tend to have a specific mission objective like “destroy that generator.” Meanwhile, the Genestealers are fast-moving, can skulk around the ship’s corridors and generally just want to wipe the Marines out.

The single player campaign recreates the “Sin of Damnation” levels from the original board game, and adds a handful of prequel missions to it. There’s also going to be offline (hot seat!) and online, asynchronous, multiplayer. The latter will be cross-platform, so PC players will come up against iOS and Mac folks.

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