Tindalos’ RTS Etherium gets a shiny launch trailer

Tindalos’ RTS Etherium gets a shiny launch trailer

Tindalos Interactive’s soon-to-be-released RTS, Etherium, now has a launch trailer.

I know very little about Etherium so I’m not quite sure what to say, but this trailer is pretty much what I expected. Pounding music, with a mix of sweeping shots and fast cuts displaying structures, planes, turrets, robots, and guns. Is it good? No idea, but it’s rather pretty, and seems to have a lot of units fighting it out at once!

Etherium offers the standard resource management, base building, and unit control of most RTSes, but its unique twists are weather anomalies and secondary factions. As one of three different empires you’ll have to battle it out across a dynamic campaign while keeping an eye on the weather, as that’ll apparently impact your strategy. Which, I have to say, sounds rather interesting.

Etherium is due out on 25 March. The launch trailer is below.

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