titanfall preload

An artists impression of the Titanfall preload (okay, fine, it’s from a NeoGaf thread.)

If you fancy getting a head start on downloading Titanfall for the PC, and you live in North America (or know your way around a VPN,) it’s now up for preloading on EA’s Origin system. Settle in for a fairly lengthy download session, because it’s 50GB of data when unpacked.

Based on what people are saying on a NeoGaf thread about this preload, 30-some gig of that is uncompressed audio files. That sounds like a hell of a lot of audio, but it’s worth remembering that Titanfall has support for multiple languages. The beta had ten different language options, so they’d only have to be 3GB apiece to fill up that space.

You can probably expect the game to be up on Origin in other regions in due course.

Titanfall will be released on PC on 11 March. IncGamers got to play around in the beta, which you can read about here or watch through your fingers over here.

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