Top 10 things I recommend everyone do before Destiny 2 The Final Shape
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Top 10 things I recommend everyone do before Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Tying up loose ends.

The Final Shape is imminent, and unless you play daily, it can be hard to decide what to spend your time on. Fear not, Guardian, here are the top 10 things I recommend everyone do before Destiny 2 The Final Shape.

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What should I do before the Final Shape Expansion in Destiny 2?

We know about several upcoming changes with The Final Shape that will make several items unobtainable. While they may return in the future, it’s best to go for them now, so here are a few great ways to spend your last pre-Final Shape week in Destiny 2.

Spend your Legendary Shards

There are plenty of great ways to spend Legendary Shards, but the bottom line is this currency will be redundant with the new Expansion. Bungie mentioned this before the Final Shape was delayed earlier in the year, and it’s a change we’ve known about for a long time.

Grind for Shiny Brave Weapons

Top 10 things I recommend everyone do before Destiny 2 The Final Shape
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We know that Onslaught and the Brave arsenal are here to stay, but there’s one significant change. The Shiny Brave weapons are going, and while they may be available in the future, they won’t be the norm.

I know you love that God Roll Midnight Coup Hand Cannon, but wouldn’t it be that much better with a shiny decal? The Brave arsenal offers some of the best weapons in the game, and this is your last chance for the perfect Shiny roll.

Spend your Seasonal Engrams

If you’re like me, you have a ridiculous amount of seasonal Engrams just piling up in your inventory. This is your last week to spend those. Seasonal Armor has the potential for some decent rolls if you know what you’re doing.

Install an Armorer Mod on your Ghost for whatever stat you desire on your Armor. Then, Focus Decode your Seasonal Engrams at their respective Vendors. If you have an excess of Engrams and can’t reach 100 points in a couple of stats yet, this is a great way to change that.

Grind for Seasonal Weapons

Seasonal Exotic Weapons will likely be harder to obtain after The Final Shape drops. The Vexcalibur, in particular, is a sought-after Glaive locked behind the Avalon Exotic mission.

Seasonal weapons, in general, will be harder to obtain. If you’ve not got heavy hitters like the Brya’s Love Scout Rifle or Scatter Signal Fusion Rifle, now is the time.

Earn the Superblack Shader

Top 10 things I recommend everyone do before Destiny 2 The Final Shape
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can earn the Superblack Shader by completing the BRAVE weapon quests. Most of these are easy; you just need to kill tons of enemies with specific weapons. To make this a breeze, you can even farm kills in the Whisper Exotic Quest.

There’s no telling if this coveted Shader will be available after The Final Shape, so get it while it’s hot.

Pantheon and the Godslayer title

Pantheon may be leaving when The Final Shape arrives, so now is the perfect time to complete your relevant quests. This is arguably less important than most other entries on this list, but if you’re a strong player, why not flex those Raid encounter muscles?

Hold onto your Exotic Engrams

While you should spend your Seasonal Engrams, It may be worth holding onto your Exotic ones. As far as we know, Exotic Engrams will persist between now and The Final Shape. As the Engrams could decrypt into new Final Shape Exotics, I’m holding onto every Exotic Engram I can get my hands on.

Remember, there are three easy Exotic Engrams up for grabs in the Vanguard playlist, and many players are running through those as fast as possible this week.

Reset your Vendors

If you’re close to reaching the maximum level with any Vendors, it could be worth grinding their bounties to finish that off. Some Vendors have Ascendant Materials up for grabs, which will likely remain a rare currency post-Final Shape.

Don’t sweat too much about this one, as there will be other opportunities to earn Ascendant Materials in the Final Shape. It’s worth doing only if you’re close to the level cap.

Earn the Into the Light Exotic weapons

The Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected are both up for grabs for completing their respective Exotic quests. You can take on The Whisper and Zero Hour quests from the Into the Light section of the Starmap.

This menu will likely be leaving with The Final Shape. I imagine these quests will eventually join the Exotic Quest Rotator, but there’s no telling when.

Grind for Seasonal Red Border weapons

I’m unsure how existing seasonal weapons will fare against the new Final Shape gear, but they are worth getting regardless. This is your last chance to participate in Seasonal Activities like Deep Dives, Savathun’s Spire, and the Coil. These activities drop a decent amount of loot, including Red Borders for shaping.

Shaped weapons are among the most powerful in the game, thanks to their Enhanced Traits, so I recommend grinding if you’re close to unlocking them.

I’m short on time. What should I do first?

Depending on how much you’ve played recently, you can’t reasonably expect to get everything in the above list done in just a week. If you’re short on time, I recommend spending your Legendary Shards first.

After that, I’d prioritize the Superblack Shader and Seasonal Exotics. Using up your Seasonal Engrams shouldn’t take long, and if you have any time left, go for those spicy Shiny BRAVE weapons.

The Seasonal Weapons are potent, but we don’t know if they can hold a candle to The Final Shape arsenal. With this in mind, don’t worry if you can’t get optimal rolls.

If you’re still looking for things to do, don’t forget to bolster your Exotic arsenal, as there are so many fantastic weapons up for grabs.

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