Top 6 ways Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 looks to improve upon Marvel’s Spider-Man 1

Spider Man 2 Improvements
Screenshot: Insomniac Games

While I love Spider-Man just as much as the next guy, I felt underwhelmed by Marvel’s Spider-Man 1. However, after watching the latest PlayStation State of Play, I’m impressed and excited to experience Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 looks to add a lot of Batman Arkham City features into the game and utilize the power of the PlayStation 5 which I think will improve it greatly. Here are the six things I think will make Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 even better than Marvel’s Spider-Man 1.

All the ways Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 looks to improve

Besides harnessing the power of the PlayStation 5, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is adding a bunch of new features. That, mixed with how this game already looks to be more cinematic than the last one, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is really converting me from being a grouchy Marvel Spider-Man 1 passive enjoyer into an “I can’t wait for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to come out” fan.

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The map is double the size

Spider Man 2 Bigger City

Screenshot: Insomniac Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man 1 only features Manhattan, but Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is going to include Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. The inclusion of two iconic New York burrows will almost double the size of Marvel Spider-Man 1’s map.

While more map isn’t always a good thing, I’m excited about this because it allows us to see more New York flavors instead of just Manhattan and it’ll make the new traversal ability, web-wings, feel necessary and fun. Plus, we’ll get to see more iconic Spider-Man locations like Peter Parker’s high school, Midtown High, and Miles Morales’ school, Brooklyn Visions Academy.

The web-wings

Spider Man 2 Web Wings

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While web-slinging will always be iconic and fun, I’m extremely excited about the web-wing gliding ability in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. I’m a major fan of how flying feels in Horizon Forbidden West and I believe (and hope) Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s web-wings will capture that similar feeling of pure freedom.

Swap between Peter and Miles seamlessly

Spider Man Night City

Screenshot: Insomniac Games

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we get to play as Peter Parker and Miles Morales. On top of that, we get to seamlessly transition from playing as Miles to Peter and vice versa. Some missions will require a specific Spider-Man to complete. Also, being able to freely explore a different area wherever you left your other Spider-Man will be very fun. I’m also so stoked that Miles Morales looks to have stealth capabilities — I wonder how combat will differ between the two superheroes.

More exciting activities and challenges

Spider Man 2 Activities

Screenshot: Insomniac Games

Something I found very dull in Marvel’s Spider-Man 1 were the activities and missions. Insomniac recognizes this and has worked to improve upon the amount, variety, and quality of side missions and challenges. There will be visual queues in the world that grab your attention and demand you to check out what’s happening while other challenges are invisible and require story and skill progression. Also, some activities will culminate in big villain showdowns which sounds epic.

Completing activities and challenges in specific areas unlocks instant fast travel opportunities which is extremely exciting. Since Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is going to be twice the size of the first game, fast travel is a must.

Combat upgrades

Spider Man 2 Upgrades

Screenshot: Insomniac Games

While Marvel’s Spider-Man 1 has a lot of good combat mechanics, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has a lot more going for it. There is a bigger emphasis on stealth and there are tons of gadgets exclusive to Miles and Peter. Also, at some point, we know Peter gets a Symbiote suit which will change combat even more. The new suit tech skill trees will help make all of this manageable.

More suits

Spider Man 2 Suits

Screenshot: Insomniac Games

In the PlayStation State of Play, it was announced that there will be over 65 suits to unlock! I loved unlocking suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 1, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features even more suits from the comics as well as original designs.

What are you most excited about in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Are you gonna pre-order the game? After seeing all the ways Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 improves upon the first game, I might go out and pre-order it today.

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