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Since Tormented Souls is in the mold of old survival horror games, there is more than one ending to get. Getting the good one here is pretty easy to do, although it’s still obviously missable. I’m going to lay out everything you’ll need to do to get the game’s best ending. You don’t want to struggle through hell just to end up with a consolation prize, right? The good ending requires a single missable item that you’ll find after going down the stairs in William’s office. Once you’re in this area, there are two ways forward. One of these leads to a door that takes you to a strange room with a compass in the center.

This room is a puzzle. To solve it, you’ll need to read an inscription that changes with each puzzle step. The way this puzzle works is simple, although it’s more complex than it looks. The first hint mentions something a man in poverty might want. One of the doors is golden, so that’s the first one you’ll want to go through. But it’s not just doors. You need to look at the altars and directions on the map. I’m not going to go through each hint, so I’ll just tell you what to do at each step.


After going through the gold door, you’ll then go through the door with the empty altar. The next hint mentions being lost at sea, so go through the door that the Northern part of the compass is pointing at. Then go through the wooden door, followed by the door that has an altar with soil on it. Finally, go through the door indicated by the embers altar, before going past the door that West indicates on the compass. After that, you’ll find yourself free of the labyrinth.

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Walk on home, boy

Once you enter this next area, be aware that there are two walkers here. You can either attempt to bait them and run past them or kill them. It’s up to you and, if you’ve been thorough and plan on continuing to be thorough, you’ll have enough ammo to take these two down and still kill everything else the game throws at you. Go past them and you’ll find the antidote item. This is the main item you’ll need to get the good ending in Tormented Souls. Now exit back to the area before the compass puzzle and continue playing the game like normal.

Once you’re close to the end of the game, you’ll meet the priest and notice that the creature that’s been hunting you is on a cross object on the left wall behind him. Kill the enemies here and then approach the creature and use the antidote on them. They’ll fall off the cross and reveal a pair of boltcutters hidden behind. This is another necessary item. After you beat the last boss, go back to the meeting room with the VHS player where you time-traveled before. Put in the “experiment” tape where you poured acid on the chain.

Go back into that area and use the bolt cutters on the still-smoldering chain. Talk to the girl inside, watch the cutscene, and then use the cross-shaped key on the door in the main hall to get the good ending and leave. If you want a more downbeat ending, you can also just go to the door without breaking the chain. If you don’t use the antidote on the creature at all, though, you’ll get the bad ending.

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