Creative Assembly’s in-house video series, Rally Point, has some extended footage from one of the nine historic battles that will be included in Total War: Attila. This particular encounter is the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains.

    As luck would have it, this battle features Attila and his Huns as they clash with the Western Roman Empire and their Visigoth allies (unlikely companions, but the Visigoths were no fans of the Huns.)

    If you want to get straight to that battle, skip to around 6:30 in the video below. You’ll see the Catalaunian Plains encounter played on hard, and get a look at some of the new unit cards coming in Total War: Attila. The battle also demonstrates the effectiveness and skirmishing speed of Attila’s horse archers, and has a bit to say about the new approach to setting quick group formations in this upcoming game.

    According to James Given, the man in command of the Western Roman Empire forces in this demonstration, the historic battles in this Total War release will be less scripted than before. That should allow for more dynamic behaviour from the AI, and keep them interesting to replay.

    Before the battle footage, there’s a chat with designer Simon Mann, who gives his opinion of some of the five most challenging aspects of Total War: Attila.

    The game is coming out on 17 February, and will hopefully be less of a mess than Rome 2. Here’s Rally Point 24.

    Peter Parrish

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