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Total War Saga: Troy – Campaign progression

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Tips when playing as Achilles

Your Total War Saga: Troy playthrough as Achilles will be confusing and challenging if you’re trying to play him “normally.” By that, I mean keeping him “Proud” so there are no pros or cons. Instead, you’ll need to be more aggressive.

But, before you do that, go propose a few NAPs and barter deals with the playable Greek lords and some neighbors (i.e., Agamemnon, Odysseus, Menelaus, Big Ajax, Little Ajax, and Diomedes). Just try to avoid defensive or military alliances for now.

Twstr Achl 1

Apart from the Ellopians, the following Greek minors will likely attack you within the first 15 turns: Abantes, Thessalians, Magnetes, and Minyes. You can propose a NAP with the Thessalians or Minyes and they should, hopefully, get off your back.

Twstr Achl 2

Then again, if you’re beset from all sides, how in the Tartarusian hell do you survive that? Well, simple: get outraged. Achilles’ outraged mood gives him some unbelievably broken buffs that will help with the offense (pun intended).

You can do this fairly early on while beating down the Ellopians (just make sure you’re always battling a foe every turn). One champion even refuses Achilles’ duel challenge, leading to a gradual bump towards anger.

Twstr Achl 3

Later, there are some epic missions in Total War Saga: Troy that’ll trigger Achilles’ outburst instantly as long as you pick the “outrage-inducing” choices. Examples include:

  • A Destiny Ordained – Embrace Your Destiny
  • Tidings of War – Grant the Request

Twstr Achl 4

If ever you get a decision on whether to placate Achilles’ rage or let that anger consume him, always choose to go to the dark side because those bonuses are worth it.

Note: While Achilles is outraged, resources will be lower and settlement growth will also suffer. Still, you can make do with sacking enemy settlements from time to time to fund your conquests. If you make the right choices to keep the Greek factions happy, you can still propose lots of barter deals to help with your income.

Twstr Achl 5

In an actual battle, Achilles can take a beating but he’s not invulnerable. What you can do, however, is beeline straight for the enemy general or other melee troops. Ranged units will often not waste their ammunition if you’re all by your lonesome which means you can strike down your targets with impunity.

Twstr Achl 6

My favorite “cheese” is having Achilles rush a settlement’s gates. As mentioned in our Total War Saga: Troy beginner’s guide, defense towers have a blind spot in front of the gate itself. You can happily sprint and kick down the doors yourself.

Then, go climb the walls and kill all the soldiers there — they get bunched up and ranged units won’t even mess with you. Later, simply move the rest of your troops to mop up.

Twstr Achl 7

Once you reach level 6, pick up the Divine Challenge skill (and, later, its “Armor” perk). This forces an enemy general to commit to a pseudo-duel, one they can’t win versus Achilles. Oh, and while this is happening, the other AI troops won’t even try to snipe or stab you.

As for the other perks, you should opt for those that boost your melee damage, melee defense/armor, and HP regen. You should also grab the melee chariot and the reinforced chariot upgrade. These will let Achilles run roughshod over countless troops.

Twstr Achl 8

Achilles’ epic missions

As mentioned in the unique mechanics section of the guide, you’ll want to be mindful of Achilles’ mood swings that are triggered by epic missions. These quests can make or break your Total War Saga: Troy playthrough due to the additional effects each decision entails and because these effects last for several turns regardless of other incidents.

Twstr Achl 9

Epic Mission Requirement Additional Notes
Dream’s Dark Tidings Move Achilles to Iolcos. This is one of the regions to the north of your starting position. It’s controlled by the Magnetes tribe.
A Destiny Ordained Decision/event Reject the prophecy = Indignant
Embrace your destiny = Outraged
Lament your fate = Grieving
Tidings of War Decision/event Grant the resources = Outraged
Decline the request = Indignant
Ignore the demand = relations penalty with Greeks
A Gathering of Wolves Have a total of 10 of any of these unit types:
Aeginian Runners, Aeginian Javelinmen, Champions of Phthia, Thessalian Marines, Spear-fighting Myrmidons, Myrmidon Swordsmen, Pelagic Thessalians
The cheapest ones are Aeginian Runners since they don’t require bronze for upkeep.
They’re recruited via the Military Camp (yellow) building. You need to have a level 3 settlement first.
Completing this epic mission also spawns Patroclus as a generic Fighter hero.
The Fall of Skyros Move Achilles to Skyros. The island of Skyros just east of your starting position.
Dryops’ Challenge Decision/event Execute Dryops = XP and war with Lycomedes’ Dolopians faction
Spare his life = Confederate Lycomedes’ Dolopians faction
Troy Unbowed Win three battles against any faction from the Pelasgians tribe/culture. These include the Trojan factions, Dardania, the two Ilions, Methymna, Aethria, Agriophones, Tereia, Aegaan Pelasgians, and the Bottiaeans.
To the Victor Raze or sack two different settlements owned by any Pelasgian faction. Hopefully, you didn’t capture some of the weaker settlements of whichever Pelasgian faction you warred with earlier. You could sack or raze these now to get this part done.
The March to Troy Move Achilles to Troy. “HECTORRRRRRRR!!!”
The Council of Kings Decision/event Reject their demand = Some combat buffs and severe diplomatic penalties with the Greeks
Surrender Briseis = Indignant (but the Greeks are happy)
Patroclus’ Plea Decision/event Refuse Patroclus’ request = Diplomatic penalties with the Greeks; gain a cool-looking armor set forged by Hephaestus.
Lend your armor = The Greeks are happy, Achilles gets a new armor set, and Patroclus dies.
Vengeful Glory Raze or sack the city of Troy. Achilles proves to everyone that he’s the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

Twstr Achl 10

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