As the hints of the past couple of days have been heavily indicating, today’s announcement of The King and the Warlord DLC ‘Lords Pack’ for Total War: Warhammer boosts the Greenskins and Dwarfs. It’s using the characters of Karak Eight Peaks as its theme, which means Skarsnik (and Gobbla!) as a new Legendary Lord choice for the Gobbos and Belegar Ironhammer for the Dwarfs.

The structure and contents are similar to The Grim and the Grave, with the further addition of new units, new heroes, and a bunch of Regiments of Renown to hire. For the Greenskins, the big additions are the excellent, rotund maws known as cave squigs. With the DLC you’ll be able to raise Squig Herds (War beasts, Anti-infantry, Vanguard Deployment) and Night Goblin Squig Hoppers (Cavalry, anti-infantry, Vanguard Deployment, Poison Attacks – yes, these are goblins riding squigs).

The new Night Goblin War Boss (“unlock unique skills which enhance the capabilities of Goblin, Night Goblin and Squig units, and imbue their entire army with poison attacks”) can also ride a squig from level 12 onwards. Greenskin armies also get the razor knife-wielding Nasty Skulkers; sneaky armour-piercing lads.

As Legendary Lord of the Crooked Moon gobline tribe, Skarsnik gets a bunch of goblin upkeep bonuses and can predominately only hire goblin units. Karak Eight Peaks itself sounds like the only source of Orc recruitment for him. Skarsnik will start at Karak Azgaraz, where he’s been squig hunting.

Over on the Dwarf side, The King and the Warlord will introduce Runelords to Total War: Warhammer. These guys can “call upon the power of [the] runes to invigorate friendly units and hinder their foes” and, most importantly, can ride an Anvil of Doom at level 6 onwards. The Dwarf side will also be getting Rangers (Ranged/melee, fast, Vanguard Deployment, can Stalk), expert crossbowmen whose elite version is Bugman’s Rangers (like normal Rangers, but better and with more alcohol). Finally, another Dwarf war machine will be added: the Bolt Thrower.

Belegar will start in Karak Izor, in Border Princes territory, and “begins play with the spirits of his Ancestors as his companion Heroes. King Lunn The Ironhammer (Thane), Halkenhaf Stonebeard (Thane), Dramar Hammerfist (Master Engineer) and Throni Ironbrow (Runesmith) are Ethereal Heroes, with all the benefits the Ethereal trait provides.”

All the necessary building chains for producing these special units will be added too, as will special building chains for Karak Eight Peaks (depending upon which faction is in charge of it). Here’s a run down of the Regiments of Renown that’ll be added in this DLC pack.


Ulthuar’s Rangers (Rangers w/Great Weapons)
Decreases enemy missile deflection and resistance

Peak Gate Guard (Hammerers)
Magic attacks, Immune To Psychology, Sunder Armour

Gob-Lobber (Grudge Thrower)
Enhanced Morale, reduces target Morale on impact, screaming Goblin ammo

Skyhammer (Gyrobomber)
multiple bombs per drop

Ekrund Miners (Miners w/Blasting Charges)
Frenzy, increased Blasting Charge ammo

Warriors of Dragonfire Pass (Dwarf Warriors)
Anti-infantry, Flaming Attacks

The Skolder Guard (Irondrakes)
Armour Piercing projectiles, Physical Resistance

Norgrimling’s Ironbreakers (Ironbreakers)
Vanguard Deployment, Immune To Psychology, increased unit size

Dragonback Slayers (Slayers)
Charge Defence, Physical Resistance, Fire Resistance, reduces targets speed, increases target flammability

The Old Grumblers (Longbeards w/Great Weapons)
AOE ally Fatigue augment


Da Rusty Arrers (Night Goblin Archers)
Armour sundering ranged attacks, Poison melee attacks

Moon-Howlers (Goblin Wolf Riders)

Deff Creepers (Goblin Spider Riders)
Regeneration, Stalk

Teef Robbers (Goblin Wolf Chariot)
Vanguard Deployment, Hide In Forest

Morgrub’s Mangy Marauders (Goblin Wolf Archers)
Immune to psychology, Armour-piercing projectiles

Hammer Of Gork (Goblin Rock Lobber)
Debuff to target’s Missile Accuracy Melee Defence and Melee Attack, Poison Attacks)

Durkit’s Squigs (Night Goblin Squig Hoppers)
Missile Resistance

Da Eight Peaks Loonies (Nigh Goblin Fanatics)
Unbreakable, Dwarf-on-a-chain!

Broken Tusks Mob (Orc Boar Boy Big ‘Uns)
Armoured, Encourage

Krimson Killerz (Black Orcs)
Anti-Infantry, dual-wielding Great Weapons, AOE attacks

Da Warlord’s Boyz (Night Goblins)
Immune To Psychology, Sunder Armour

Venom Queen (Arachnarok Spider)
Can summon spider hatchlings unit to battle

The King and the Warlord will be released on 20 October, priced at $8.00 USD (though it has 10% off right now). There’s a trailer below, along with some screenshots.

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