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You can look at this car for 48 hours. If you like.

Nadeo has come up with a way to entice more people into the worlds of TrackMania 2 and ShootMania, which is to give them the games for free. The new ‘universal demo’ allows people to download and play most aspects of TrackMania 2 (Valley, Canyon, Stadium et al) and ShootMania for a 48 hour period. After that you can still play, but there’s a “daily time limit” of some sort.

To give that a try, click on the link at the end of this sentence that will take you to Nadeo’s site here. The demo looks to be 100mb and, fair warning, will make you register for ManiaPlanet, Nadeo’s somewhat odd proprietary digital platform for all their games.

In terms of TrackMania 2 stuff, this is what you get access to:

  • All three environments: Canyon, Valley & Stadium
  • 45 tracks in solo
  • Any multiplayer servers
  • Track editor & other tools
  • 3 player-created solo & multiplayer modes

ShootMania is a bit less clear, but I’d imagine you get a similarly broad range of game modes to sample. They’ll include ‘Platform,’ a new game mode that lets you practice the move-sets of the game by hopping around levels in pursuit of fuel cells. It’s a time-attack kind of thing, where speed will increase your score. You can see a trailer for it, below.

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