Triad Wars hijacks a shipment of new screens

Triad Wars - 11

A bunch of new screens have been released for Sleeping Dogs‘ online follow-up Triad Wars.

At least, I think they’re new screens. They were released alongside a trailer which came out almost two months ago, so there’s a possibility that this is actually just a screw-up with dates. Regardless, they’re new to me.

Triad Wars is described as an “online action-strategy” game in which you run a part of the Hong Kong Triads, and have to build your criminal empire. Build up your turf, set up smuggling and counterfeiting rackets, raid other players, earn face, and rise to the top.

I’m not the first to say that – speaking as a rather big fan of Sleeping Dogs – Triad Wars isn’t what I wanted from a Sleeping Dogs follow-up, but hey, it might be good. We’ll be finding out in early 2015.

Screens below.

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