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Aiming your face towards the ground is a recognised Trials tactic, don’t worry.

RedLynx’s Trials Fusion beta for the PC will be expanding to encompass some ‘Urban Sprawl’ tomorrow, 5 April. The stunt bike racing and AI dating simulator is available in beta form to anybody who pre-orders the game, with semi-regular updates planned until the full release on 24 April.

The new set of tracks will include some FMX trick stuff, which wasn’t present in the opening set of stages. Here’s a pretty detailed run-down of what will be introduced in the upcoming update:

-Training Program 3.
-FMX Training Program.
-Four new classic Tracks.
-FMX Track.
-Skill Game.
-Bike “FOXBAT” for FMX.

Apparently, the minimum specs needed to run Trials Fusion will be lowered too. It should “now [be] compatible with lower cards as AMD Radeon 5770 and NVIDIA Geforce GTS 450.”

Expect a couple of graphics fixes too, along these lines:

– Fixed graphics corruption bug on integrated GPUs.
– Fixed graphics corruption bug on computers with switchable graphics (“NVIDIA Optimus Technology” and “AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics”).
– Fixed resolution limit on computers with switchable graphics. Now resolutions higher than 720p can also be selected.
– Improved frame rate on “low” settings by up to 25%.
– Solved frame rate stuttering issue in scenes with lots of particles.

I took a look at the beta prior to this update (obviously, it’s not quite out yet) and that preview can be found here.

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