It’s been in development for more than three years but it looks like TRION are ready to show their SyFy channel TV tie-in MMO next week at E3.
Trion are doing rather well with RIFT which is an excellent fantasy MMO but they’ve also been busy developing Defiance, a new MMO which will tie-in with the upcoming TV series of the same name on the SyFy channel. The game is also being released on PS3, 360 and PC so there’s scope for mass audience appeal.
In an article which has appeared on the Hollywood Reporter this evening, more details have emerged on what to expect. The game will be a fast paced shooter with MMO elements that is based on a future Earth which has been ravaged by conflict where humans and Aliens live side by side.
The game and TV show will run in the same timeline, with the TV show story being based outside St. Louis, MO while players in the game will be based in the San Francisco area. Actions from both the game and TV show will influence the story with gamers being able to interact with virtual characters from the TV show. TRION has been working with the Syfy team and writer ?Rockne O’Bannon ?(Farscape, The Triangle) to come up with a story that will span both mediums.
No release date for either the game or the TV show has been revealed as yet, but you have to admit this is one hell of an ambitious project that could work incredibly well, if TRION and SyFy get it right and manage to engage both the gaming and TV audiences.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

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