June 18th, 2017

Tropico 5 being livestreamed by Kalypso today, 15 May

Tropico 5 being livestreamed by Kalypso today, 15 May
tropico 5-01
El Presidente’s glorious Cold War constructions.

If you hurry, you can tune in to a Tropico 5 livestream that’s happening RIGHT NOW. Or not right now, depending on when you’re reading this. Once the stream is over it’ll probably be archived in Kalypso’s channel, so don’t worry if you catch it towards the end.

Edit: It’s finished now, but has indeed been archived here if you want to watch an hour of Tropico 5.

Right now, the developers are playing around in a large city during the Cold War era. Tropico 5 has different eras to play through, from the Colonial period to the present day. I’m happy to report that the Tropico soundtrack is sounding as excellent as ever. Also, they’ve shown off some new (and rather rapid) crane-based construction that happens in latter eras.

Anyway, the less time I spend waffling about this, the more chance there is of people seeing this in time to watch for themselves.

Tropico 5 is due for digital release on 22 May, with a boxed version to follow (in the US) in June.


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  • Comments:
    • Knighthawk

      Looks like a significant updateimprovement over tropico4

      • Peter Parrish

        Yeah, from what I was able to watch I think they’re tackling the main complaint about 4 (that it was pretty much just 3 again – cool as 3 was.)