Tropico 5 on course for 2014, El Presidente provides new shots

tropico 5 (2)

It looks like a hospital, but it’s really a secret police HQ.

Haemimont Games, as we’ve previously reported, will be returning to the Tropico series with Tropico 5 due for release in 2014. In this fifth installment (albeit the third since Haemimont revived the series,) El Presidente will be guiding his people through time. Like some kind of demented, authoritarian Doctor Who.

That means missions taking place during the World Wars, Cold War and maybe some other wars I’ve not thought of yet. As usual, your little island semi-paradise will be used as a pawn by the major powers, so it’ll be up to you to get the maximum benefits from their Imperial squabbling. Tropico 5 plans to add a merchant fleet, scientific research and both co-op and competitive multiplayer to the game. Hopefully that latter feature isn’t to the detriment of the single player campaign, which remains one of the best settlement building/comedy dictator sims of recent times.

Publisher Kalypso has sent out a few more images from the game (which, I’m assuming, are at least relatively new,) showing some industrial and residential sectors. I’m not too sure what time period this is from, but it kind of looks like the era from Tropicos 3 and 4. So … 50s-ish.