September 5th, 2017

Tropico 5 gets The Eras trailer, pre-order bonuses

Tropico 5 gets The Eras trailer, pre-order bonuses

Tropico 5

A game, getting pre-order bonuses on Steam? Well, that was unexpected! If you’ve been asleep for a decade.

The latest game to get in on the “please put down your money before the game is out” bandwagon is Tropico 5, which is offering both some bonuses if you pre-order on Steam (and pre-orders are open now) or opt for the newly-announced Limited Special Edition.

Steam pre-orders are doing that whole tiered thing again, where more bonuses are offered the more people pre-order. By default, you get 10% off. When the first threshold is hit, you’ll get a free copy of Tropico 4. When the second threshold is hit, you’ll get The Big Cheese DLC which will offer a sandbox mission, a character accessory, a building, a map, a standalone mission, and a music track. At the third threshold, you’ll get a free copy of Omerta: City of Gangsters. The press release also claims that Steam pre-orders will get a Businessman outfit and an Isla de Vapor sandbox map, but the Steam page makes no mention of these. Either way, that 10% off drops it to £31.49.

Alternatively, you can plump for the Limited Special Edition, which is automatically made available to anyone who pre-orders a physical copy of Tropico 5 or who buys it on launch. This nets you another avatar costume for El Presidente and the Bayo de Olfato sandbox map, as well as a Tropico passport and a Tropico postcard designed by Penultimo.

Finally, there’s a brand new trailer titled “The Eras”, which – as you might expect – shows off the eras you’ll be managing your way through when Tropico 5 launches on 23 May. You can have a look at that below.

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