September 5th, 2017

Tropico 5 gets a short gameplay trailer

Tropico 5 gets a short gameplay trailer

tropico 5 (6)

Kalypso Media and Haemimont Games have released a short gameplay trailer, showing off the sorts of things you’ll be seeing in Tropico 5.

This particular minute-and-a-half trailer shows the island evolving over the course of 200 years, going from steamships in the 1850s to a shining city of skyscrapers in 2028. This era-based evolution is one of the big new changes for Tropico 5, with the other being the ability to create a dynasty of self-important family members. I suppose the addition of cooperative and competitive multiplayer is also a pretty big addition, actually. And the fact that there’ll be a public beta. And… oh, look, there’s a lot of stuff that’s quite new.

Watch the trailer below, and then – if you fancy it – sign up for the beta.

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