Two new classes and more maps coming to FORGE

The FORGE v1.04 update was released this week bringing improved matchmaking features to the online PvP title, and Dark Vale have more in store in next couple of patches.

1.05 and 1.06 updates are set to include further enhancements which includes two new classes. The Ravager is a mobile melee character who can travel quickly with the use of a grappling hook, and the Tinker who utilises gadgets to control combat, other players and the surrounding area.

A new armor system is also being added which will allow payers to customise their characters and a “Divine” armor set for high level players is also planned. Two new maps are also to be released, The Den of Fenric and Arenas, and there’s also UI improvements.

If you fancy trying FORGE then it’s been discounted on Steam down to $6.80 (66% off) from Tuesday, Feb 26 through Thursday, Feb 28.

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