The Bastard’s Wound expansion for Tyranny now has a release date of 7 September. It’ll cost $15 USD. Obsidian have also released a new Gamescom trailer offering a few more details about what the Fatebinder will be up to in the DLC.

As previously indicated, Bastard’s Wound focuses on a part of the world relatively untouched by Kyros’ invading forces. The trailer notes, however, that “survival and idealism” will probably not be compatible with the task of a Fatebinder. It seems that something dangerous may have been awakened too; separate from Kyros.

For more details about the expansion, and about Tyranny in general, have a read of the PC Invasion interview with Obsidian’s Matt MacLean. He talks about developing the game, and the new DLC. Here’s the trailer.

Peter Parrish

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