Ubisoft have showed off some great looking games at this years E3, but some fans were hoping to get some news on the future of Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia franchise and as ever we were hoping against hope that the mythical Beyond Good and Evil 2 game might get a mention.

Unfortunately neither of these games made an appearance but IGN did manage to get a word with Ubisoft’s CEO,  Yves Guillemot, who said: “We are not going to stop those properties. We are going to work on them. The teams are really looking at what we can come with. I think you will really like what you see in the future. It could take some time to make sure we are really delivering what we want.”

When asked how long it might be before we see more from those franchises, Guillemot remained tight lipped. IGN also spoke to Ubisoft Montreal’s CEO, Yannis Mallat, about the future of the Prince of Persia franchise but apparently he just smiled for a moment and said: “We have nothing to discuss at this time.” Mallet did say that he recently had dinner with Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner but said they were “just friends”. A hint perhaps!?

Source: IGN

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