Ubisoft investigating Uplay client visual error

A few hours ago, Ubisoft Support announced on Twitter that an error is occurring for some Uplay users. The error message is: “Your account has been accessed from another location”. It occurs when some users try to connect to Uplay with their personal accounts. According to Ubisoft, the cause of the error is degradation, which is a concept in software maintenance. It looks like Uplay might need a small patch to clear this issue, and Ubisoft is still investigating it.

As clarified in the Ubisoft forums, this is actually a visual error, and it does not mean that your Uplay account is vulnerable. Even so, Ubisoft recommends that if you have any concerns about your Uplay account security you should follow this guide to ensure optimal security settings. About an hour ago, Ubisoft Support also announced that they are still investigating this visual error in the Uplay client. They also thanked users for their patience and understanding.

Last month, during E3 2019, we saw Ubisoft announce its own subscription service Uplay+, much like the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus. It will launch on September 3, but users can already sign up for it on the official page. Those who do will receive a free trial period during September 3-30.

PC gaming clients and their risks

While this Uplay issue isn’t exactly a vulnerability, there are quite a few cases of vulnerability issues in PC gaming clients. We reported on one such issue just last week. Whether it’s Origin, Steam, GOG Galaxy, or Uplay, the possibilities for malicious exploits are always there. Major publishers like Ubisoft should always keep their clients extra secure if they intend to handle the accounts of millions of users. And, even in the event that this is just a visual error, users should make sure to ramp up their own security.

Did you encounter this issue while trying to access Uplay? Were you worried for your personal information in your account? Drop your comments below, tell us your experience!

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