Yesterday we reported that John Beiswenger, author of the novel Link, had dropped his lawsuit claiming that Ubisoft had infringed on his copyright over the content of the Assassin’s Creed series.
Assassin’s Creed, like Beiswenger’s earlier Link novel, is based around the idea of recalling and re-experiencing memories of one’s ancestors.
Despite Beiswenger dropping the lawsuit, Ubisoft has filed a formal complaint over the allegations. The publisher has described Beiswenger’s suit as “entirely meritless”.
“The plaintiff in the case alleging copyright infringement by Ubisoft has dropped his claim, without settlement,” said an Ubisoft statement. “Ubisoft believes this suit was frivolous and without merit, and is seeking a ruling to prevent future related claims.
“We are proud of our creative teams and will continue to vigorously defend the intellectual property they develop.”
Ubisoft goes on to say that Beiswenger’s lawsuit was filed on elements that are “non-copyrightable” and have filed their complaint to make sure that they do not come up against any problems when developing the series in future.

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