Rainbow Six Siege Patch Update

Ubisoft has released the latest Designer Notes, detailing what players should expect to see in the latest Rainbow Six Siege update. The Y5S4.3 patch focuses on providing further balancing updates. This will see the balancing of operators, weapons, gadgets, and more.

To begin, many operators are getting some well deserved buffs and nerfs. The operator Ash will see reduced damage range to her Breaching Round explosives. Ash is still the the most versatile attacker and the nerf attempts to bring her more in line with other operators in her field. In addition, some operators will have a different piece of equipment entirely. Lion’s Hard Breach Charge will be swapped out for a Claymore. Ultimately, this will suit Lion’s playstyle more, while trying to appeal to more Lion players.

In terms of weapons and gadgets, it is good news for players who enjoy using the Hard Breach Charges. The deployment time will be reduced to two seconds, while the reduced activation time will be reduced to five seconds. This will make the gadget more proficient against defenders. In terms of Ballistic Shields, the camera penalization during the Guard Break animation has been removed. Now, using Ballistic Shields should feel more comfortable, rather than being quite frustrating in a match.

No changes to hatches in this Rainbow Six Siege patch update

Previously, Ubisoft introduced the idea of having pre-reinforcing roof hatches. However, following feedback gathered from Rainbow Six Siege fans, this idea has been set aside. The main objective of this idea was to make hatches a more interesting point of battle between both sides. The developers outline that on many maps, their aim was met. Unfortunately, on some maps where opening hatches was extremely important. As a result, it meant players were forced to choose certain operators to combat this.

The developers are always actively seeking ways to improve the game. It is promising to see Ubisoft implementing yet another balancing patch update to Rainbow Six Siege. As the game continues to progress, it is likely that more balancing will take place in the future.

Rainbow Six Siege patch update

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