Ubisoft’s Uplay digital download service won’t be such a closed system for long, as the publisher has announced it will now sell third-party titles through the online store. The biggest names among this new agreement include EA and Warner Bros, so expect to see stuff like Crysis 3 and Batman: Arkham City in there.

Part of the announcement states that EA’s Origin service will now be selling Ubisoft games, too. So if you really want to play Assassin’s Creed titles through Origin, you’ll soon be able to.

The full list of new Uplay buddies is as follows: “Electronic Arts, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, 1C Company, bitComposer Games, Bohemia Interactive, Encore Software, Focus Home Interactive, Freebird Games, Iceberg Interactive, Nordic Games, Paradox Interactive, Recoil Games, Robot Entertainment, Telltale Games, Torn Banner Studios and others.”

As a bit of a promotional offer and some tasty bait to try Uplay, Ubisoft is offering a free game (one of Driver San Francisco Deluxe Edition, From Dust, Might & Magic Heroes VI Deluxe Edition, Rayman Origins, The Settlers 7™ Gold Edition or World in Conflict: Complete Edition,) with every purchase of a game costing more than £17 GBP (pre-orders excluded.) The offer runs from today through 4 March. It’s not entirely clear if you get a free game each time you buy something costing more than 17 quid, or if you can only do this once.

Anyway, the Uplay store does have one thing going for it – you can make your avatar look like this.


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