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With its launch last week, V Rising has become an instant hit. The vampire-themed survival crafting game offers the exploration found in Valheim but introduces PvP aspects to complement that. However, not everyone enjoys PvP, and some players would prefer to play alone. That wasn’t possible beforehand, but today’s update adds an offline mode into V Rising.

Previously you could play alone but not offline. Even in a single-player game you would be connected to a server and have to be online to play your save. With LAN Mode now added, this is no longer the case. You can freely play alone in your own world without an internet connection.


Developer Stunlock Studios has done well to implement this feature so shortly after release. Even so, it does ask players to keep in mind that this isn’t the final version of Lan Mode and more improvements are coming. In other words, the offline mode for V Rising will get better as the game’s development progresses.

This patch also introduces a handful of improvements to the online experience. Server hosts now have the ability to send out server-wide messages to all online players. Also, players will be warned before maintenance begins to give them a chance to get to a safe position. Some other smaller bug fixes have been added, including fixes to the authentication errors that were hindering some players.

The indie uprise

Indie games performing well is nothing new, but the way in which the survival genre has been taken over by smaller studios certainly is. The likes of Valheim, V Rising, RimWorld, and Rust are all among the most popular survival games. Over the past five years or so, this genre has become dominated by indie developers. It’s amazing to see so many indies exceeding expectations and getting the chance to shine on the big stage.

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