V Rising Cursed Forest

The lore and myths surrounding vampires have existed for centuries. These beings walk amongst normal humans, albeit at night. But the biggest difference between humans and vamps is the fact that they feast on blood. If you’ve been seeking this type of lifestyle change in your video game experiences (sorry, can’t help you IRL), then you’ll want to mark your calendar for May 17, when the open-world survival vampire game V Rising releases on Steam Early Access.

Stunlock Studios has been hard at work perfecting its open-world survival blood-sucking title, V Rising. You’ll feed on blood to upgrade powers to be triumphant against the Church of Luminance. There will also be real-time PvE and PvP combat involving bandits and other creatures of myth.


What’s a vampire to do?

Of course, this is all transpiring while you’re dodging the sun and attempting to become the next Dracula. Stunlock Studios noted that you will be able to venture out in the game during daylight hours, however, you’ll have to keep yourself in the shadows or turn into a pile of ash.

When the team isn’t drawing blood, it’s drawing up and sharing new plans as development for V Rising pushes right along. Most of the studios’ updates continue to be released in blog format, with the last update posted in March. The latest blog post showcases some of the environments you can expect, like Silverlight Hills and the Cursed Forest.

V Rising is currently slated for release onto Steam’s Early Access platform on May 17. A closed beta version of the game is currently playable by registering. It isn’t clear if Steam Early Access will include all of the aforementioned combat elements. However, it will at least provide a path for single or co-op players to explore the world of Vardoran for some nice blood samples.

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