Valheim Crafting Guide Building Guide Building Your Base

Early-game fixtures

You’re not out to build a stronghold, but you do need a cozy home.


The extra space in your surrounding lands are for the following:

  • Campfire (2x wood and 5x stone) – This has to be placed on the ground, not on a floor tile. You’ll need this to keep warm at nighttime and to cook food and healing items.
  • Bed (8x wood) – This has to be near a source of fire and it should be under a roof. Crafting a bed and claiming it lets you save that as a spawn point.

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  • Chest (10x wood) – Chests are used to store some of the materials you don’t need. You won’t necessarily bring countless resources as you trek all over Valheim‘s world, and having a storage system is better than throwing stuff all over the ground.
  • Wood Door (4x wood) – If your small house is surrounded by walls, then running inside and closing the door can help you fend off against rampaging monsters (they’ll still damage some of the structures if you don’t take them out).

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  • Roundpole Fence (2x wood) – These structures don’t have any snap attachments, but you can place them to intersect with each other to create a defensive perimeter. The Roundpole Fence is also helpful if you want to tame and breed boars.
  • Workbench upgrades (materials vary) – To upgrade the Workbench’s level, you’ll have to plop down objects near it. Check the crafting tab (i.e., Chopping Block and Tanning Rack) for these requirements. You can also head to our Workbench upgrades guide to learn more.

Anyway, since I mentioned the campfire above, let’s discuss chimneys and ventilation systems.

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